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    Wannan Motor - Outstanding OEM/ODM Capability
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    2021 08-31
    Inspection by the Institute of Anhui province Quality Supervision and Inspection

      Recently, the Anhui Provincial Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection conducted a supervisory sampling inspection on our YBX3 series high-efficiency IE3 explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor. After the inspection, all the item...

    2021 08-03
    General manager Chen Xuefeng was elected vice chairman of the ninth council of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association Small and Medium-sized Motor Branch

        Recently, the Ninth General Meeting of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association Small and Medium-sized Motor Branch was held in Shanghai. The meeting was attended by more than 230 representatives from 168 member units. The Gener...

    2021 05-29
    Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards

      Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards     Congratulations! In 2020 Manufacturing Excellence, Wannan Motor won the Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards.    We will continue to work hard to do a goo...

    2021 04-07
    WNM motor won the Industry Benchmark Award 2020

    In 2020?Manufacturing Excellence, Wannan Motor won the Industry Benchmarking Award.

    2020 10-14
    We will attend The 128th CANTON FAIR soon

      #廣交會 #smartexpo #中國進出口商品交易會 #cartonfair welcome to our exhibition room, check our information Name: Industrial Equipment & Energy Meeting time: 2020-10-15 to 2020-10-24 (00:00-23:59) Meeting Number: 998540681 (Download Made-in-Chin...

    2020 06-09
    MV & HV production plant moved to the new production plant

      Our subsidiary of MV&HV motor production plant is moving to another new production plant this week, to be environlentally friendly, it is far from residential area. It covers 64000m2T, plant area covers 36000m2 . The greater scale of cont...

    2020 04-20
    Three new products are recognized as new products of Anhui Province

        Three new products are recognized as new products of Anhui Province   Recently, the Department of economy and information technology of Anhui Province announced the list of new products of Anhui Province in 2019 (the fourth batch). Three...

    2020 03-02

    We have been back to work for more than 3 weeks, being motivated and energetic to run the motor supermarket, and enjoying every moment after the one-month break. All the matters will be sorted out in a good way, health and safety will be with us.

    2019 10-30
    Successful conclusion of 2019 China International Energy Conservation

      Highlights of the exhibition  Main clients and our team     Showing products  

    2019 09-26
    Wannan Motor is invited to attend 2019 China International Energy Conservation

          Green development is the trend of the world development. To implement the concept of green development, show the advanced technologies, processes, products, equipment and green manufacturing we get in recent years for energy saving and en...

    2019 06-27
    2019 Asia Europe mechanical and electrical products trade exhibition

    We will attend Asia Europe mechanical and electrical products trade exhibition from August 2nd to 4th, 2019.

    2019 05-17
    Celebrate Korea DOOCH team cooperate with WNM team

    Warmly welcome Korea DOOCH team visited WNM motor. We have a succeful discussion and sign a sole agency agreement with DOOCH.

    2019 04-25
    2019 Hannover Messe

    Wannan motor attended Hannover Messe from April 1 to 5.

    2019 03-12
    Hannover MESSE is coming

    We will attend Hannover MESSE from April 1-5 2019.

    2016 12-26
    YE4 series super-premium efficiency motors have won ”China energy saving product certificate”

    YE4 series(IP55/IP56) super-premium efficiency motors researched and developmented by Wannan Motor have been awarded “China energy saving product”,”CCC certificate”and “CQC mark certificate”

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